By now, much has been made and no doubt misinterpreted about Summer Walker's social anxiety. Despite receiving backlash after canceling her ongoing tour dates as a result, the strength of Summer's music has granted her the ability to successfully pull off such power moves. Not to mention, empathy isn't quite dead. Despite that, the fans weren't about to let her get off easy, especially when she's providing such unequivocally memeable material. 

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

What began as an innocent picture of Summer Walker standing in a comedically plank-esque fashion soon turned into a plethora of hilarious adventures. They quickly caught the eye of Summer herself, who took to Instagram to have a laugh at the playful inventiveness. Behold, a few of the greatest hits, with one feeling the unofficial army draftee herself, Ari Lennox. A personal favorite goes to the final image in the slideshow, which depicts Summer Walker as a character in The Sims. 

Though her words suggest fatigue, her tears-of-joy emoji paints an altogether different picture. Even London On Da Track couldn't help but have a laugh at her expense; you've gotta respect someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously. If you're looking for some new Summer, be sure to check out her new Chris Brown collaboration "Something Real" right here