When Summer Walker announced weeks ago that she was cutting a number of her tour dates due to social anxiety, a lot of her fans were up in arms but her Toronto crew had nothing to worry about since still kept the six on her list of places to perform. Last night hundreds of her fans gathered at Rebel, the music venue east of the city, that had a line up longer than most as Summer lovers not-so-patiently waited in the cold to see their girl. 


As you probably know by now, the "I'll Kill You" singer was hours late and Rebel only came through with a playlist an hour or so before she went on. Finally, there was some commotion on the stage but it was an upcoming rapper who's performance was short-lived as everyone kept chanting "Summer" as he was performing his songs. Fans were quick to check Summer's socials to see if they could scope evidence of what was holding her up and when they saw she posted images of her backstage with Drake the disappointing comments came through. "You’re suppose to be on stage," one wrote.

Now The Shade Room exclusively reports that Summer's delay was not necessarily her fault since her equipment was stuck at the U.S-Canadian border. Apparently her team didn't make her aware of any complications and she simply got on stage when she was told. 

"I’m convinced sis is managed by Lauryn Hill atp. 😩🤷🏽‍♂️," a user commented.