If there was an album made for such a time as this, it's Still Over It. DaniLeigh and DaBaby have captivated the internet's attention with their public breakup and breakdown, and as news of simple assault charges has begun to circulate, there have been other celebrities offering their assistance to the Def Jam singer.

Videos of DaniLeigh and DaBaby have been staples on social media within the last 24 hours. He accused her of being a woman who can't take no for an answer, while she alleged that they have been living together since she gave birth. Then, after an argument, he reportedly told her she needed to leave the home but the rapper said DaniLeigh refused to go. The unraveling occurred on Instagram Live, and Summer Walker added her voice to the controversy.

DaniLeigh, DaBaby, Instagram

The Still Over It singer reportedly knows all too well what a public, messy breakup looks like, as she endured one of her own with London On Da Track. Summer, too, is the mother of an infant who went through a celebrity split so she popped up with a message for DaniLeigh.

"Damn, n*ggas really ain't sh*t," wrote Summer on her Instagram Story. "Seeing sh*t like that really make my cheat hurt.... brings a b*tch flashbacks [facepalm emoji] #stilloverit Ima pray for her [broken heart emoji]." She also added, "@iamdanileigh no cap whatever you need hit me, & I mean whatever."

Check it out below.