At this point in her career, Summer Walker is no stranger to public scrutiny. The fast-rising singer is in the midst of her breakout year, impressing so many prospective fans with her stellar album Over It, which was produced entirely by London On Da Track. Her music always earns high honors from critics and fans alike but her performances have not been as lucky. When it comes to the star's live show, Summer Walker is one of the artists that gets reprimanded the most by the media. Her social anxiety prevents her from giving it her all on the stage and she's experienced a number of setbacks because of it. Haters also love to come after her for her alternative look, sporting face tattoos and a more rugged exterior than most R&B singers. After getting attacked online for how her hands look, Walker debuted a brand new look with white eyebrows and two-tone hair, eliciting different responses everywhere you look.

If you're scrolling through the comments to Walker's original posts, many of them praise the artist for her bravery and daringness to try out new things. When The Shade Room reposted the same photos though, it got messy. "She’s just a mess," wrote one commenter. "Just weird af," said another.

Clearly, anything Summer Walker does these days will get people talking. Her new style is certainly interesting but she doesn't deserve to get shit on for simply testing something new. What do you think about the look?