She's already sworn off interacting with the public after she received threats from trolls, and now Summer Walker has called out a woman she met while out and about. The singer recently shared a photo that showed her newborn with the baby's face covered and soon, Summer was hit with accusations that her child was malnourished. People threatened to call Child Protective Services and Summer wasn't having it, so she took to Instagram to share that she was cutting off taking photos and having casual chats with fans.

On Friday (May 28), Summer returned with a story of a recent interaction she had with a stranger. "[Crying laughing emoji] so . . why we got in line outside this lounge it's supposed to be a 2 hr wait. These girls talkin bout that look like summer walker," wrote the singer. "And dis fat b*tch gone randomly say she pretty but she don't wear deodorant, twice, lmao."

Summer Walker, Fans, Rumors
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

"I'm like it's me b*tch and the deodorant sitting in my Dior purse," she continued. "She like oh my bad you so pretty you know that's just what I heard on the internet. Lmao I'm like yeah people say a lot of dumb sh*t on the net. Then security came got us like are they disturbing you. I'm like as a matter af they are lmao then they take us in the lounge and we skip the line."

Summer added that the girl "was looking dumb" and said it's "funny" how random people will believe anything without ever meeting the person. Check it out below.