Could Summer Walker and London On Da Track be the most toxic couple in the game? They very well may be.

Just last week, Summer aired out her boyfriend, comparing him to her "childhood trauma" and claiming that she has the worst taste in men. She went on to say that 2020 has been the worst year in her life, suggesting that her relationship had a lot to do with that. A few days later, Summer and London are celebrating their one-year anniversary, pretending as though none of that happened.

They must be addicted to the ups and downs in their relationship, which would explain the rollercoaster ride they've apparently been on for the last year. Regardless, they're celebrating a milestone date in their vow of togetherness, looking back on their first date and remembering all of the fun they had back then.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

"Our first date was soo much fun," wrote Summer Walker on her burner page, sharing a video from that night. "We went bowling, ate, shopping, & then hit the strip club, I never seen someone throw so much money in my life. ass was every where lol I fell in the club from being so drunk so we left , & other celebrities were there so my ratchet ass was probably embarrassing him lol."

She went on to reveal that after that, things got a little messy.

"Then we went to his house & I was being a thot & then I think I couldn’t hold my liquor lol but it was lit. & here we are a year later. I’m just reminiscing on fun times since I been in the house for like 8 months BORED AS THE FUCK. I’m so over miss rona."

Do you think Summer and London are good together?