The toxicity between these two is strong.

While a good portion of Summer Walker's fans are begging her to get the hell away from London On Da Track, who has supposedly wronged the singer on more than one occasion, the two musicians just keep breaking up and getting back together.

This week, their relationship was highlighted in the tabloids after they unfollowed each other on social media. While that much could mean nothing, Summer also began sharing posts about how she was having the worst year of her life, complaining about men and recalling her childhood trauma

"I really thought this was gonna be a good year but it turned out to be the WORST YEAR EVER," wrote the Over It singer on Instagram. "Literally like the saddest day of my life. I have the worst taste in men, I like literally find my childhood trauma and then date it."

One would think that, after that revelation, she would decide to stay away from London for good. However, with their latest move on social media, it looks like she went right back to her on-again-off-again boyfriend for the millionth time.

As noticed by the sneaky sleuths over at The Shade Room, both London and Summer are following only one person on IG right now: each other. That doesn't mean that they're dating again but it is a pretty good sign of that.

With everything that these two have been through, one would hope that they finally realize that they may not actually be good for each other.