Atlanta singer Summer Walker is preparing for the release of her debut project. Just days ago, the 23-year-old announced that her album will be titled Over It, but she left the release date a mystery. As fans anticipate the songwriter's introductory project, Summer has shared a series of enigmatic posts that speak to what listeners can expect from the record or are just bits of her personal life.

On the same day that she revealed the title of her album, Summer also shared a photo of Dave Chappelle as his Chappelle's Show character Tyrone Biggums. She captioned the image by expressing her frustration with dating men who didn't have money. "BUUUUUUUMMMMMMSSSSSSS N*GGGASS ISS BUMMMMMMSS," she exclaimed. "DEAD F*CKING BUMMMMS. ILL NEVER F*CK W A BROKE ASS N*GGA EVVVVERRR F*CKING AGAIIIINNN🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 BEEN THERE DONE THAT NOW I SEE WHY THESE B*TCHES ONLY F*CK W A N*GGA WHO GOT A CHECK. THEY CAN MATCH YOU & DONT DO DIRTY BUM SH*T EWWWW."

In the caption of a follow-up photo, Summer wrote, "Never been so over sh*t in my whole life," an obvious nod to her album title. However, it could have been a mention about her love life, as Summer shared a few photos of herself hanging out with producer London on da Track. Over on his Instagram he posted one of her same photos with the caption, "So Much Fun🐍." This could all mean that he worked with her on the album or it could be a hint at their budding romance, either way, we're echoing Kehlani who told the singer to "drop the album 😭."