The most fascinating aspect of the Summer Jam 25th anniversary set design was the screen portraying images of lineups come and gone. Amazingly, few artists displayed could qualify as a one hit wonder, with many names still ringing bells. For twenty-five years, Hot 97 has been able to put on a show that captures the current direction of rap, while being selective enough to preserve the reputation they’ve built. 2018's edition was no exception.

After last year’s timing debacle, some thought 2018 might be the beginning of a downward trend for Summer Jam. Perhaps they might’ve been right, if Summer Jam didn’t manage to stack the bill more than ever before. Some would argue the biggest get is Kendrick Lamar, who raises the Summer Jam profile while warming himself to New York audiences even more. Yet the most appreciated (and undeniably important) addition was Meek Mill, who crafted an energetic performance that nobody in the attendance will forget anytime soon. 

There may have not been an iconic Summer Jam screen moment. Instead, the night put the shine on the music, which doesn’t happen nearly enough. Giving some of hip-hop’s best, from New York and beyond, a chance to show off their talents to 50,000 plus. What’s better than that?