$uicideboy$ Smoked "Fake Weed," Fell Into Paranoia & Lived To Tell The Tale

Devin Ch
October 18, 2018 12:17

$uicideboy$ learn us the dark art of "finessing a blunt."

Within minutes of sitting down with the $uicideboy$ and their baggies, two things became evident. For one, Ruby da Cherry is the real weed nerd of the troupe, even though Scrim is considerably adept as well. Now it seems, ten years down the line, the weed industry has caught up with their habits of consumption.

Ruby would be the first to extol his smoking habit. He rates strains like "Obama's Choice," "Strawberry Cough," "Granddaddy Purp," as the very best to pass under his nose. But make no mistake about it, Ruby and Scrim are willing practitioners of anything herbal, by means of wax, hash, keef, you name it. The blunt just happens to be the preferred vessel for an endo-exo experience.

At the three-quarter mark, Scrim recounts the scary after effects of smoking "fake weed," which he did only once. One bad experiment (one hull) was enough to send him packing. A few of their mates suffered the same fate. Let's just say their days of wiggin' out on synthetic stuff have passed long ago.

"Don't smoke fake weed, smoke the real sh*t," advises Ruby as he reaches the final stage of the blunt rolling ritual, where he prefers to coat the edges with his tongue for durability.

The strangest experience concerning marijuana for either member of the $uicideboy$ revolved around a student at their middle school claiming to hollow out a deceased cat, which he then used as a smoking instrument (akin to a pipe). The fact that neither $uicideboy$ was ready to refute the urban myth speaks volumes about the strangeness of the suspected character.

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HNHH TV $uicideboy$ Smoked "Fake Weed," Fell Into Paranoia & Lived To Tell The Tale