Nobody can dispute that New Orleans duo $uicideboy$, made up of cousins $lick and Ruby Da Cherry (and their legion of ever-changing aliases) have an amazing work ethic. Over the past few months, the group have consistently released a steady stream of singles, leading up to an generous drop of five simultaneous EPs - chapters eleven through fifteen of their ongoing Kill Yourself Saga. $uicideboy$ seem intent on imbuing their collection with a sense of supernatural lore, giving each project titles like The Atlantis Saga, The Dark Glacier Saga, The Coast Of Ashes Saga, and more. In fact, their EP subtitles almost read like dark-fantasy novels.

On that note, the group's message may not be for everyone. Their music tends to gravitate toward the macabre, reveling in horrorcore-adjacent themes like death, suicide, and Satan. On that note, the group has previously stated that one of their main intentions was to give music back a much needed pair of balls, citing a legendary round-up of classic rock and hip-hop icons as examples: "“You think about The Doors, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Public Enemy, N.W.A, there’s nobody pushing the boundaries anymore. There are nobody standing up for anything anymore. It’s all, ‘I got a diamond chain and I fuck your bitch.’ That’s fucked up. Why don’t we say some shit that will better the world instead of fight each other over materialistic bullshit?”

If, however, you're no stranger to channeling your inner Edgelord, than you'll be pleased to know that the boys will be expanding the Kill Yourself Saga with five brand new EPs. Chapters fifteen to twenty are set to drop on September 11th, and may very well feature a mix of unreleased and previously released singles. Either way, the group remains consistently on point when it comes to putting in work, which bodes well for fans.

Check out the album artwork and subtitles of the next five chapters, including The Faded Stains Saga, The Suburban Sacrifice Saga, The Fall Of Idols Saga, The Deep End Saga, & The Infinity Saga.