When Nick Cannon released his first diss track against Eminem yesterday, hip-hop fans were surprised to see Suge Knight featured on the song. He starts off the record by calling in from prison, sharing some choice words for the Detroit legend before allowing The Black Squad to do their thing. The decade-long feud between Eminem and Nick Cannon has been renewed and, for Suge, it's become a family affair. It's not enough for the icon to make an appearance on the song. He's getting his son involved too.

Suge Jacob Knight, the son of Suge, has been going hard on social media with a bunch of hateful messages toward Slim Shady. Many of them are childish, simply noting that the rapper "sucks" but the sheer fact that he's been going in so frequently is worth a mention. It all started when he posted an image of the rapper, telling everyone his true feelings about the star before continuing onto his accessories. Sharing an image of a black baseball cap, Suge Jacob even said that the hat "sucks." Then, he mocked Eminem fans around the world and claimed he's never heard a single soul ask for one of his songs to be played in the car. That's a sentiment that Gucci Mane would be happy to echo.

Take a look at Suge Jacob Knight's social activity below.