In the midst of this high-profile rap feud between Nick Cannon and Eminem, a sub-beef has broken out between Suge Jacob Knight, the legendary Knight's son, and Marshall Mathers. Suge Jacob's father phoned in a message from prison on the first of Nick Cannon's pair of diss tracks and it would appear as though the man's son has been in the studio, sharpening up his lyrical knives and unleashing a verbal tirade on Eminem. Unfortunately though, we're never going to be hearing the cut. Suge Jacob explained why in a new social upload.

All week, Suge Jacob Knight has been teasing the arrival of his new diss record against Eminem, asking his followers to send through beats for him to rap over. He claimed that he had enough ammunition to fully take down the Detroit legend. However, it doesn't appear as though he's willing to share his music with the world.

"I know the fans want it but sometimes us celebrities have to stay in control of the situation," wrote Suge Jacob on his text-based post, earning tons of clown emojis in his comments. "I have the diss track but it's so disrespectful that I'm not going to put it out."

Many are perceiving this as a message that the diss track is actually non-existent. To be honest, until we hear it, we're gonna go with that too.