According to Suge Knight's lawyer, new video evidence shows the rap mogul being attacked by a group of armed men immediately before he ran two men over with his car in January, fatally injuring one.

Knight's lawyer Thomas Mesereau cited the alleged video in a new filing seeking to reduce his client's bail, which is currently set at $10 million. The footage has yet to be shown in court.

Mesereau claims that several people armed with handguns attacked Knight outside a Compton burger stand, including Cle "Bone" Sloan, whom Knight injured in the hit-and-run.

“Mr. Sloan was armed, as were others,” Mesereau wrote. “Weapons are visible on the video provided to the court... this video shows (Knight) being viciously attacked and fleeing for his life. "Most significantly, the video discloses one of his attackers brandishing a weapon. When this armed attacker dropped his gun, the video depicts an associate retrieving the weapon and placing it in his waistband.”

Sloan has expressed remorse for the incident and says he was "in a rage," but denied being armed in an April 13 testimony. “I’m telling this court that I didn’t have a gun."

Knight's bail hearing set for July 17.