Suge Knight's lawyer Thomas Mesereau has been putting in work for his client. He recently argued that Knight was attacked by armed men immediately before his fatal hit-and-run. According to the AP, he is now arguing that Knight's bail, currently set at $10 million, is too high and should be reduced in light of an alleged new video of the incident.

The court declined to show the video Mesereau submitted, saying it was not official evidence for the case. Prosecutors countered his bail reduction motion by arguing that $10 million is a fair amount given Knight's history of criminal activity and failure to show up to court in previous instances.

Mesereau is also vying to get Knight switched into a new jail cell. Knight has been reporting numbness on one side of his body, which Mesereau contends could signify the presence of a brain tumor and thus require better access to medical facilities, according to TMZ. He is also arguing that the toilet, which flushes automatically every 20 minutes, is driving his client insane, and the bed isn't big enough to contain his 6'2" frame. 

Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen has already stated he would likely deny Knight's request to see a doctor.