Suge Knight was formerly the larger-than-life head of Death Row Records, a music industry entity that helped solidify the West Coast's place among hip-hop's elite. However, the mogul has been doing hard time in recent years and this won't necessarily help his narrative: his former legal team have been arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe witnesses in Suge's murder case.

As per TMZ, two Knight's former lawyers are now behind bars as well for supposed tampering maneuvers that they carried out in conjunction with the exec's murder case. Matthew Fletcher and Thaddeus Culpepper are the attorneys in question and were booked on charges of acting as accessories after the fact, which is a felony.

The murder case involves a horrific incident that went down at Tam's burger joint in Compton, where Suge Knight ran over 2 people with his car, killing one of them. Suge says the move was in self-defense, A fact that Fletcher allegedly tried to push through cash payments to witnesses. Apparently, he was trying to get them to confess that they saw at least one of the victims in possession of a gun, a statement that was a critical point in Suge's defense. Culpepper also reportedly tried to pay an informant to give a similarly positive testimony. Both of Suge's former attorneys are being held on $1 million bail.

Knight had previously filed a motion in court, alleging that police had been "secretly listened to every word" he's communicated with his lawyers since August 22, 2016. Who knows if that previous piece of legal action is connected to these arrests, but it seems likely that cops would try and learn as much as possible via insider conversations.