Suge Knight is known to talk crazy from time-to-time and, today, he's making headlines yet again for that very reason. Just moments after claiming that children need more positive role models in the same interview with PopCandiesTV, the Death Row mogul threatened violence on Rick Ross. The two have had beef in the past stemming from Ross recording a verse on "Tupac Back" despite being affiliated with Diddy, whom Suge also believes is directly responsible for Pac's murder. Now, the beef has taken a strange turn with Suge mocking Ross's facial hair.

“Rick Ross, you know you owe that bread titty man. I’m gonna beat the dog shit out of you,” said Suge. “I’m the first nigga [that] had the bald head and the beard from ‘Bompton’.” Knight continued, “I got a show, "It Ain’t Smart Being Stupid." I’m going to invite Rick Ross on there…If he can get me, I’m going to shave my muthafuckin’ beard. But when I beat his muthafuckin’ ass, kick him square in his muthafuckin’ ass and play with his titties. He need to shave his beard and go back to the police that he is.”

Knight also went on to discuss the relationship between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the state of west coast rap, Russell Simmons, and more.

[Update: Rick Ross responds by posting picture with Suge that was taken a week ago.]

Despite Knight's comments, it seems that him and Rozay may be on decent terms, as is suggested by a picture Ross just posted on his Instagram. Rozay says he and Knight hung out a week ago, and included the caption "Ran into Suge Lastweek and he showed Alot of Luv!!!Said "MMG them Niggaz" #Mastermind." View the photo below.