Most people in the music industry wouldn't advise their kids to get into show business but some people would like their seeds to carry on their legacy. With Suge Knight behind bars, he's had hopes that his son, Suge Jacob Knight, would get into the music industry. However, Jacob has other plans. In the latest episode of VH1's Love & Listings, Jacob breaks the news to his father that he wants to go into the real estate business instead of jumping into the rap game.

Robert Mora/Getty Images

Suge Knight's been locked up for a minute now. The disgraced mogul was sentenced to 28-years in prison for killing a man in a hit and run. He hasn't talked to his son in a while but in the exclusive peek of the next episode of Love & Listings, Jacob and Suge chop it up for the first time in a hot minute. The clip starts up with Jacob applying shaving cream to his face and telling his dad that he's finally able to grow facial hair to the surprise of Suge. From there, Jacob eases his way into telling his dad that he doesn't want to go into the music industry but would rather get into real estate because that's where the bag is.

"You know how to judge a man's wealth? By his happiness," Suge says over the phone. "So the most important thing about life is you gotta be happy, no matter what it is," he continues. "If you’re so tired, you can’t tell the difference if you’re eating a lobster or you’re eating a hot dog. But if you’re gonna do real estate, be the best at it. Put your heart into it and give it your all.”