In a newly published jailhouse Q&A with Suge Knight, Jesse Surratt asked the iconic Death Row CEO about a series of things associated with Tupac, his incarceration, and conversation fodder related to the East-West heyday. If you just woke from a coma, it's worth noting a few points before we begin: 1) Tupac Shakur is allegedly dead, 2) Suge Knight is facing nearly 30 years in prison for murder in the 2nd degree, by way of a motorized vehicle.

In the above interview, Suge Knight credits Tupac's ex-wife Keisha Morris with convincing him to visit the monolithic rapper while he was incarcerated in 1995 on a first-degree sexual assault charge. Before Suge Knight went to visit him, Tupac had declared himself "done with rapping," but his Death Row boss had other things in mind. A typically-persuasive Suge Knight was able to convince Tupac to "unretire" by urging him to  "get that bullsh*t out your head," and I quote.

The "talking-to" proved effective, as Tupac would eventually record/release Me Against The World while imprisoned, making him the first artist to go #1 under those circumstances. After spending a good amount of dishing on nostalgia, Suge did eventually comment on his current condition while in prison. By the looks of it, he is in good spirits and seems willing to keep the interview-thread going, as long prison weather permits. Keep it locked for more prison anecdotes from the unruly ruler of Death Row.