Suge Knight doesn't have the best reputation, and the former Death Row CEO is not doing much to combat the public's perception of him. 

According to TMZ, cops were called to an L.A. weed shop after Suge went ballistic on one of the employees. Apparently, Knight was barred from entry to the shop, which he was not very happy about. Despite the owner's attempts to calm him down, Suge is said to have told a member of the staff, "I will kill you."

Suge's camp has explained that the mogul was expecting to take part in a promotional appearance at the shop, but there was a misunderstanding, which is why things got a bit hectic.

While Knight admits to getting a bit confrontational, he still claims that he did not utter any death threats.

Nevertheless, cops are in the process of investigating him for felony criminal threats.

[Update: Punches Thrown In New Footage]

Security footage has surfaced of Suge Knight's altercation with a L.A. marijuana shop employee, and while there is no audio to support his use of a death threat, we do see the former Death Row CEO strike the man.

Suge's blow seemingly comes out of nowhere, and he walks away from the storefront shortly after hitting the victim.

Watch the footage below.