It has not been a good year for Suge Knight. In the past twelve months, he's been shot and been arrested on robbery charges, and now he could very well be facing a count of vehicular manslaughter. TMZ reports that Knight ran over a man with his car in L.A. today, possibly killing him.

According to the gossip site, a video shoot featuring Knight, The Game, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube was going down when Suge got into an altercation with two cast members. After this, he got into his car and put it in reverse, at which point several witnesses say he ran over a bystander. The victim is allegedly named Terry Carter. 

In a video obtained by TMZ, you can hear a man describing the situation while looking on at EMTs trying to resuscitate a man lying on the ground. The video has since been removed, most likely for legal reasons. 

Stay tuned for updates. 


[Update: Suge Arrested For Murder]

Yesterday reports began circulating that Suge Knight ran over a man with his car, although it was uncertain if the man died. Today more news has arrived on the incident, and it did result in a fatality. Suge Knight has since been arrested for murder after turning himself in for questioning, with his bail set at $2 million.

As TMZ reports, it seems that Suge could have been intentionally trying to kill one of the men he was fighting with moments prior-- following the altercation, witnesses claim Suge got in his car and put it into reverse once, and then again (the victim was reportedly ran over twice before Suge fled). Sources close to Ice Cube, who was on the set earlier, say that the movie had finished filming at this point and neither Cube nor Dre were present.

It's been confirmed that the victim's name was indeed Terry Carter. Two other men suffered minor injuries as well, one being Cle "Bone" Sloane.