Just a couple of months ago, The Lox took on Dipset in one of the greatest Verzuz battles of all time. The hip-hop world was rejoicing as these two heavyweight groups went up against each other, and for the most part, it was extremely entertaining. There was plenty of trolling to go around, and it's clear that The Lox knew exactly what they were doing as the battle went on. By the end of the evening, they were crowned the winners, although it's the fans who truly won out.

In a recent interview with GQ, Styles P spoke at length about the battle with Dipset and his approach to the whole event. He knew that Sheek and Jadakiss were going to come into it with a serious mindset, so he decided to take things up a notch as a way to get the viewers on their side. In fact, Styles admitted to being inspired by Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Styles P

Jemal Countess/Getty Images for WE tv

"I feel like the younger generation pays more attention to who they hear the most or what they think is the funniest, so I already knew, culture-wise, that [Dipset] had more young people riding with them going into it," he explained. "They also talk a certain amount on the internet, and I knew Sheek and Kiss weren't gonna say anything — and usually I wouldn't say anything, I'm probably the last one to be joking around — but I said fuck it. I watched Nicky Jam and saw how the internet saved his career. I watched Supervillain and saw how Tekashi 6ix9ine manipulated things to his favor. Then I watched a couple of other things that didn't have anything to do with rap, but kind of explained how algorithms and the internet can change people's views."


Tekashi has always been known for being one of the biggest trolls in hip-hop, so it only makes sense that Styles P would research him for an event like Verzuz. Of course, this was just a one-time thing for Styles, and in the end, it worked out in The Lox's favor.