DaBaby was still shaping his budding career when he decided to sign fellow North Carolina rapper Stunna 4 Vegas to his label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. Behind the scenes, DaBaby was working out his own deal with Interscope, but that certainly didn't mean that he slowed down his grind. The "Suge" rapper's career was quickly climbing as his hit single was gaining worldwide attention, and Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment was raking in the dough as DaBaby continued to promote his own music as well as his protegé Stunna's tunes.

Stunna also recently signed a deal with Interscope, and it took him only six months from his first agreement with DaBaby. "I signed a deal with Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment before Interscope," Stunna said. "Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment took me into Interscope and we partnership with them type thing... That's where he got the sayin' 'I got my young n*gga rich in six months.' Fa sho' 'cause before I even signed a deal, I made a 100 plus," Stunna revealed. "Almost 180 racks, and that was just off features and shows that me, Baby, and TG was booking."

"Not a label, no help from nobody," Stunna continued. "It was three people in Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment when Baby and TG started. They been had it going on, but when it got to rollin', it was with me, TG, and Baby. They was the machine. They was my booking, my feature booking, all that."

His come up was quick, so he had to buy himself a little something. "I got rich. I got rich from goin' to havin' zero dollars in my pocket to... I bought a whip the next month after I signed with Baby." Stunna said he got himself a new Jeep, adding "that was me just doing stuff 'cause I had money." He knew that he could afford something more expensive, but he wanted to be smart with his cash. Watch his interview with VladTV below.