Stunna 4 Vegas' chains are all over social media right now, prompting some to believe that he was the victim of a jewelry-snatching incident. According to the man himself though, that's simply not the case.

Taking to Instagram to clarify what actually happened, Stunna 4 Vegas said that somebody did get ahold of his chains but that it wasn't the way people are thinking.

"Nobody snatched no chain from me," said the rapper, who is signed to DaBaby's Billion Dollar Baby label. "I’m in Atlanta, I show love and I get the most love in Atlanta. N***as who did that shit, I ain’t even talked to them. I done talked to 20 n***as swearing they can get my shit, but they talkin’ bout a number. I ain’t paying for nothing I done already bought. I want my shit cause it's my shit, it’s all about the principle, you feel me? I just want my chains."

Stunna 4X went on to claim that a vehicle was robbed with his jewelry and lots of cash inside. He also addresses the multiple people claiming to have snatched his chains.

"N***as sharing the same screenshot, cut the cap," he said. "Ain’t nobody snatched no chain from me. If somebody snatched a chain from me, I’ll delete my Instagram, I’ll go get a 9-to-5, I’ll quit rapping. I won’t even feel like a man if a n***a take a chain from me."

Hopefully, Stunna is able to find the people responsible for this so he can reclaim his chains. If not, he's already said that he will be taking a trip to the jeweler to re-up on some new-new.