Iconic rapper and universally shared uncle Snoop Dogg has amassed a sizable following on Twitter, with a following that reaches over seventeen million users, including Sierra High student Racquel Alec. However, Alec's love of the Doggfather ended up proving costly, as retweeting one of Snoop's posts ultimately led to her being suspended from her basketball team. 

According to the initial report from USA Today, Alec was suspended from her team after liking and retweeting posts from several musicians, including one of Snoop Dogg holding "what appeared to be a marijuana joint in his hand." To make this even more puzzling, Alec's online activity was done entirely on her own personal timeline, having nothing to do with the team. Still, the high school's district isn't fond of "engaging in inappropriate sexual and drug propaganda," and seemed to think a simple retweet fit the bill. Alec's family has since taken legal measures, and her lawyers claim the posts aren't technically violations of the policy, as they were made from her own personal computer and only available to her friends.

The harsh ban allegedly left Alec having a "mental breakdown," according to her mother. "When all of this happened, it really traumatized her. What we want is for this to never happen to another student again." Even Snoop has entered the discussion, posting an image of the story with the caption "Have her lawyers hit my team this is nonsense." As of this moment, Alec's family has yet to hear from Snoop, although that may change at any given time.