No, not that Suge Knight - the other Suge Knight! Not a distinction you want to have to make if you're Richard Marcos Taylor, the actor who portrayed the music executive in the film Striaght Outta Compton.

According to the Miami Herald, Taylor, 40,was arrested on Monday after he beat up a security guard at a Florida resort. He has been charged with misdemeanor battery and is currently being held at a Miami-Dade jail.

The issue arose Sunday night when the security officer in questions, who works at the Marenas Beach Resort, asked Taylor to remove his foot from the top of a table in the lobby.

Taylor refused, told the guard to "leave him alone," and the guard then asked staffers to call police, according to an arrest report. 

Five minutes later, Taylor walked over and pushed him to the ground, all while the guard was waiting for the authorities. When police officers arrived, they reportedly saw the actor, who's six-foot-three and 265-pounds, "pick the victim up and slam him to the ground."

Two days earlier, Taylor was posting vacation pictures to Instagram, two of which are below. What a way to end a trip down south.