In the age of influencers and Instagram, it’s not sales that measure a brand’s success but it’s relevance to the scene. As streetwear takes over the fashion world more and more every year, it’s messaging is vital to making or breaking a brand.

Streetwear has always been about using graphics and style as a way to relay messages, whether in a political or social context, celebrating subcultures around the world. The voices of brands like Supreme and Off-White may be the loudest in the scene, but they are also ostensibly leaving "streetwear" behind and entering the hierarchy of haute-couture. Still, there are many other key players who are pertinent to maintaining the building blocks that streetwear was founded on. While our list may feature some heavyweight brands, it primarily highlights labels whose come-ups are nothing less than awe-inspiring.

Our list includes LA-based brand BornxRaised and their fight against gentrification; Japanese brand Doublet's playful embroidered pieces; Keith Hufnagel's revival of gritty 90’s skate brand Metropolitan USA; MISBHV’s post-soviet-rave-influenced unique cut and sew pieces; Supreme’s ex-Creative Director Brendon Barbenzien brand NOAH, Japanese retailer BEAMS, who just celebrated their 40th anniversary; and many more.

In celebration of DIY culture, we’ve put together a list of some brands making strides for their communities. From Tokyo to NYC and everything in between, get to know some of the hottest streetwear brands right now.