Zaytoven has a ton of wisdom to share, and as the A-1 human being that he is, Atlanta's super-producer wants everyone to get in on the knowledge. Linking up with publicist Tamiko Hope, this is the second edition of Zaytoven's "Experience Hope" series. Here's what Hope had to say about the decision to do a second tape with Zay:

“I would invite an industry professional to talk about their experiences in the business to help guide or motivate budding creative entrepreneurs ... The one I did with Zay was not only packed but overflowing with people and I kept getting requests to bring him back because attendees learned so much. Zay has so much insight and wisdom that I felt needed to be shared in a creative way outside of a classroom environment. I thought an educational podcast set to music would be a creative project we could do together. I actually absorb information better when I have music playing and I figured other people may feel that way too."

Stream the project below, and let us know in the comments section if you've learned anything. We understand though if you wanna keep your lessons to yourself.