The Houston rap scene suffered a tragedy this weekend, as Mr. 3-2, an original member of the Screwed Up Click, was one of two men who were killed during a gas station shooting. Enthusiasts of the city's hip-hop culture will look to pay homage to the fallen great ones -- also including Pimp C, Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Big Moe and Screw himself -- by revisiting the classic albums and Screw tapes of the 90s. But it shouldn't be forgotten that some of H-Town's most revered artists are still going strong. Case in point is Z-Ro, another Screwed Up Click OG, who just released the aptly titled Legendary, his second album of the year. According to Wikipedia, it's the Mo City rapper/singer's 20th album since 1998. Many of those records are shown on the cover of Legendary

The 15-track album is led by the single "Skrewed Up," released earlier this month, and the only features come from Just Brittany as well as Mike D, a fellow originator who's still at it today. Listen to Legendary below and purchase the album on iTunes