Theophilus London's new album has become one of his most anticipated projects yet, not just because he has Yeezus himself as the executive producer. 

So far the new album Vibes has seen strong singles like "Do Girls" and "Tribe", but today we've been blessed with a full album stream via Theophilus' Soundcloud, including the highly anticipated Kanye West-featured cut "Can't Stop." The album isn't due out until November 4th, so pre-order it on iTunes. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Theophilus as well, and read what he had to say about the album's creation below.

"In my process of creating, I didn’t want to say, ‘OK. This is what the album title’s going to be’ and start creating around that. I more so want to be free and creative at all times. In the whole two-year process, I was tweaking the album up until the last hours of handing it in. The album is called Vibes because everything that happened creatively and spiritually just all vibed together. Everyone who worked on it with me did it on a family level. We all vibed together. You couldn’t even plan it. It was all vibes.

The goal was to get back to a happy place in my life. I went through some dark times. On this album, I was chasing demons and sacrificing a lot. I’m just excited that I could make a piece of work that I’m happy about, that my great aunt was spiritually here for me to help me finish writing this album."

Let us know what you think of the sophomore effort.