Pusha T's EP can now be streamed online, as well Rolling Stone interviewed him on his solo project, what the future entails for  Clipse and more.

On His Goals for "The Fear of God II" :

My full-length album is coming out at the top of the year and up until then, I feel like people should just hear music, hear me, hear me with my peers, people that they respect. And it’s my solo project. In the Clipse, we were always snobby in regards to working with other people. People never really heard us with a slew of other features. I took this opportunity to give the fans the opportunity to hear me with some of their favorite artists, favorite rappers and new guys coming up, and people who have a presence in different genres of hip-hop.

On Some of His Collaborative Records:

I really like the "Body Work" record. People don’t always understand that I’ve always been so pro lyric-driven hip-hop - they would be surprised at some of the people that I’m fans of. People just don’t guess that Pusha is a Juicy J fan. People don’t guess that. 

On "Amen" with Jeezy and Kanye:

It was something that Jeezy had. These collaborations had a lot to do with fans and fan demand. Everybody, for some reason, wants to hear Clipse and Jeezy. Everyone wants to hear Clipse and Rick Ross. Who knows why? I’m gonna say I don’t know, actually. [laughs] But everybody wants to hear the spin on it, man. This project was so much about me giving people what they wanted and showing people the alliances and the affiliations. I’ve never been a solo artist, so I sort of felt like I needed to be ushered into the solo realm of music and compete with the best. These guys really came through for me.

On His Full-Length Album:

I’m definitely not done with it, but what we’re dropping first is the G.O.O.D. Music compilation. I’ve done at least seven songs for my full-length, and for the G.O.O.D. Music record, I’ve done four. I don’t know what’s going to land and what’s not going to make it on, I’ve done four thus far, and I’m pretty sure I’m doing more."Fear of God Part I" and "Fear of God Part II", is just the prelude.

Read the entire interview and stream his album here!