Puff Daddy is apparently a big fan of the after-hours scene in New York, and through it, he's been introduced to all kinds of electronic music, including the work of Israeli DJ Guy Gerber. 

Gerber first worked with Diddy in 2010, composing the intro to his indisputable classic album Last Train To Paris. Since then, they've had plans to work together on a full length, and today, out of nowhere, the two released 11 11, their full collaborative project for free stream on SoundCloud today. Naturally, it stands at 11 tracks, and on first glance, doesn't seem to feature much vocal work, which suggests that Puff may have had a hand in the production.

The provided description of the album reads as follows:

At once a meeting of two worlds, and yet also a dismissal of those signifiers, 11 11 inverts the recent dialogue between the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music, eschewing simple radio friendly factory fare, for darker, richer, deeper soundscapes. 11 11 is not a project aimed at main-stages and masses, but outliers and after-hours.

Listen to the full project below, and let us know what you think.

Update: the project will not be available until Wednesday, August 20th. Check back then to hear it in its entirety.