Keeping their word, Problem & DJ Quik come through tonight and release their newly-announced Rosecrans EP, which is named after the infamous “Rosecran Avenue” in their hometown of Compton, California.

Laced with 6 tracks in total, the follow up to last month’s Hotels 2 features guest appearances from the likes of The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Bad Lucc, Buddy, and more. Speaking with Shade 45’s Rude Jude, Problem had the following to say about linking up the legendary DJ for this project…

“It’s a dream come true for me. He allowed me to be the ‘me’ that I am on the project and actually produce with him. It was crazy to watch him mix and master, and just the instrumentation that we used on the project, it was just crazy. The fact that we wasn’t trying to make a project and this kind of just happened made it even more beautiful. This is just something big for the city and something for both of us to just throw out for the people.” - Problem

Available now on iTunes, fans can stream the 6-track EP on Spotify (below).