Today marks the release of MursHave A Nice Life, his first since 2013's Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl and first as a Strange Music signee. After hearing several tracks from the project, the most recent being "Two Step," we've now got a stream of the full thing, which comprises fourteen tracks. 

Features are sparse on here, but come from Ryan "Myagi" Evans, King Fantastic and MNDR, representing a wide range of genres and speaking to Murs' omnivorous taste. 

When speaking with Murs about the project's title (watch the full interview below), he said:

"Basically the duality of the term Have A Nice Life is, it could be a nice way of just wishing someone the best, or it could be a nice way of saying 'Fuck outta my face' without saying it. It's something I've used with the police often, and people who fuck up my order at Chick Fil A."