On September 23rd, relative newcomer Luke James will release his self-titled debut album, and a week ahead of time, he's made the whole project available for streaming on his YouTube channel. Featuring an assist from Rick Ross on the single "Options," the tracklist is below.

1. ‘Love XYZ’
2. ‘Dancing in the Dark’
3. ‘Don’t Do It’ (Interlude)
4. ‘Trouble’
5. ‘The Run’
6. ‘Glass House’
7. ‘Exit Wounds’
8. ‘TimeX’ (Interlude)
9. ‘Options’ (Featuring Rick Ross)
10. ‘Insane / Bombin’ Out’ (Interlude)
11. ‘I Want You’
12. ‘Expose'
13. ‘Make Love to Me’
14. ‘Options’ (WolfJames Version)
15. ‘Stay With Me’

Below, stream the album in a YouTube playlist (the whole thing, save for the ‘Insane / Bombin’ Out’ interlude, is in there). Preorder Luke James on iTunes.