Joint albums are especially common these days, but it's not every day that two legends like Havoc and Alchemist come together for an entire project. Led by the singles "Maintain (Fuck How You Feel)" and the Method Man-featuring "Buck 50s & Bullet Wounds," both released last month, Havoc and Alchemist's new collaborative album, The Silent Partner, has arrived. 

Entirely produced by Alchemist, The Silent Partner is the first rapping project that Havoc has put out since 2014's 13 Reloaded. He hasn't lost his touch for suspenseful street narratives or his eye for impeccable detail. And he's found the perfect partner in Alchemist, who lays down some especially cinematic backdrops for the Mobb Deep veteran. In addition to Meth, the album has a feature from the Mobb's other half in Prodigy and also one from Cormega. 

Though he let Alchemist shine on this one, Havoc also happens to be an ingenious producer (duh). He recently came by the HNHH studio and made a chilling beat from scratch. Watch below after you stream The Silent Partner