Love & Hip Hop: New York breakout star and Instagram model Cardi B sat down with Complex to talk about her future plans and the recent release of her mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2. On her project, the 24-year-old spits about what she had to do to gain respect in her hood. While hardcore, she still brings her feminine wiles to the table, upending macho tropes on their heads.

“My music is for the bitches that got anger in their heart, ’cause every bitch got motherfucking, goddamn anger in their heart,” Cardi explained on Complex’s The Music Show.

In her heavy Bronx accent, she raps that though she used to strip she "ain't never been no average bitch." She dabbles in trap music on the tracks "Lick" and "Leave That Bitch Alone." Guest artist include a slew of newcomers: Casanova, DJ Hardwerk, Josh X, Hoodcelebrityy, Konshens and Just Vlad.

Take a listen to Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2 below: