Caleborate has been a growing Bay Area favorite for the last couple years, especially after last year's Hella Good. Ready to step out on the national scene, the 23-year-old released his new album 1993 today. It features appearances from Sylvan LaCue and Pell and production by P-Lo, Mikos Da Gawd, HBK's Kuya Beats, Cal-A, and Julia Lewis.

Here's what Caleborate had to say about the album:

"1993 is my birth year and I personally think that the stretch between ’90 and '95 was a pretty special time to be born in because we got to experience life pre-cell phone, but we came of age when technology became an inseparable part of everyone’s everyday lives. I remember finding music using Kazaa and burning CD’s. I remember using MapQuest before GoogleMaps. I had a house phone. But I’m also a digital native. The music on 1993 is reflective of the kind of music and the TV shows I watched growing up. I distinctly remember the blending of the two worlds--I was watching Family Matters on TV, but also Buzzfeed videos on my phone. The lyrical content is reflective of where I am in my life as a young adult. I’m talking about stuff that other 22- and 23-year-old people are going through."

Buy 1993 on iTunes and stream it below on SoundCloud.