Bryson Tiller somehow flew under the radar when it came to blog coverage, a rarity, as he had developed a strong following for himself on Soundcloud. Nonetheless everything bubbled to the surface eventually, as the Louisville singer began to promote his debut, T R A P S O U L.

The album doesn't actually impact iTunes until October 2nd, but yay, it's arrived a week early via Apple Music. It's not available to stream on either Soundcloud or Spotify-- a similar method Drake and Future adopted for WATTBA which still isn't available to stream on either of those platforms.

Bryson released the song "Exchange" off the album earlier in the week. Take a look at the complete tracklist below, and click the link to stream it a week in advance.

Let us know your thoughts, people are touting him as the next big thing. Keep your eyes peeled for our interview with Bryson.

1. Intro (Difference)
2. Let Em' Know
3. Exchange
4. For However Long
5. Don't
6. Open Interlude
7. Ten Nine Fourteen
8. The Sequence
9. Rambo
10. 502 Come Up
11. Sorry Not Sorry
12. Been That Way
13. Overtime
14. Right My Wrongs