For those still geeked-up not ready to give up the weekend, Chicago experimentalist Alex Wiley has provided a late-night auditory trip called Tangerine Dream. Led by the recently released tracks "Red Pill" and "INEEDTHAT," Tangerine Dream is Wiley's first project since his November album Village Party 2: Heaven's Gate. It's unclear how much the album is influenced by the pioneering electronic band of the same name; the cover art would suggest at least a little bit. Upon first listening, the genre influences and samples are all over the place -- but Wiley is the ultimate author of the project, and his raps should certainly command your attention for the entire experience. It's time to get familiar with the unique vision of Alex Wiley. Yet more inspiring work outta Chicago. 

Features come from Low Gravity and Hippie Sabotage. Stream Tangerine Dream below.