At this point, it would be insanely difficult to outdo Will Smith climbing atop a bridge overseas to complete the most outrageous #InMyFeelingsChallenge but, for some reason, people are still trying. Stranger Things is one of Netflix's hottest shows, revolving around a group of kids in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana as they explore the "Upside Down." The sci-fi series is currently hyping the next installment of the show but two of the main actors, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp, decided to try their hand at the "In My Feelings" dance craze started by Shiggy.

They may be a little late considering we've already been gifted with the best participant, Will Smith, but we still had faith upon watching the video. Posting to her Instagram page, Millie Bobby Brown showed off her dancing skills with her co-star Noah as they pull off all the typical moves. In the end, they tear off their hoodies and laugh, either from embarrassment or just out of pure outrageousness after jumping out of the car to dance. 

You'll recall Drake and Millie posing together after revealing they're both fans of each other's work. Drake has put on his best Eleven poses with the actor and Millie was one of the original "Scorpion sightings" when promotion was still happening for the project. Their friendship clearly knows no bounds.

Maybe one of the major twists next season will involve the Demogorgon doing the Shiggy in the "Upside Down."