Netflix premiered a surplus of new content at a promo event in Rome this week, and fans of the hits series Stranger Things were treated to some new information about season 3. According to DeadlineCary Elwes (The Princess Bride, The X-Files, Robin Hood: Men in Tights) and Jake Busey (Ray Donovan, Enemy of the State) are set to play Mayor Kline and Bruce, respectively, in the upcoming season.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos revealed that while Kline is obviously a politician, Bruce is a journalist. Mayor Kline is described as “handsome, slick and sleazy. Your classic 80s politician, more concerned with his own image than with the people of the small town he governs.” Bruce is a writer for the fictional Hawkins Post who exhibits “questionable morals and a sick sense of humor.” It will be interesting to see how the two new characters interact with each other, since politicians and journalist can be natural enemies (or the best of friends).

Although major plot points for season 3 of Stranger Things have yet to be released, it was revealed that some of the main characters would be dating by the time of the debut. Mike and Eleven will be deep in their relationship and Mad Max and Lucas are also handcuffed. Season 3 will pick up one year after the end of season 2.