Netflix original Stranger Things has accumulated legions of dedicated followers who have taken to the show's unique blend of nostalgia. The Duffer Brothers have unleashed a cultural phenomenon that has garnered industry recognition, alongside historic streaming numbers. However, news has begun to emerge that may taint the illustrious perception of this widely popular television series. 

Matt and Ross Duffer have been accused of verbally assaulting female crew members on set through insults, threats, and other forms of misconduct. Peyton Brown, a former grip on the show's first two seasons, revealed on Instagram that she "personally witnessed two men in high positions of power on that set seek out and verbally abuse multiple women." 

Brown then confirmed that she was indeed referring to the show's creators, recalling how "there was yelling, there were insults, there were threats and people even fired or forced to quit because of them."

Since then, Brown deleted the original post off Instagram, along with her comments that painted a particularly unfavourable portrait of the Duffer Brothers. She has since re-published the image, but removed the names of the show's creators for unknown reasons.