Dead by Daylight fans should prepare themselves to face off against a formidable enemy. Over the years, fans of the multiplayer horror-themed video game have navigated frightening chapters that have included characters from Halloween, Nightmare on Elm StreetSaw, and Leatherface. It's now being reported that Stranger Things have added their name to the list as the Demogorgon, aspiring journalist Nancy, and high school jock Steve will be making an appearance.

The Netflix show has captivated audiences since 2016, and this Dead by Daylight announcement comes a little over a month since the premiere of its third season. According to the press release by Behaviour Interactive, the Stranger Things chapter "comes with a new map, the Underground Complex. Located below the Hawkins National Laboratory, this grim compound was once the setting for terrible experiments. One of these experiments caused an inter-dimensional rift to open, releasing dozens of monstrous creatures before being sealed off."

Behaviour Interactive also gave fans a peek at what they can expect from the upcoming chapter with a brief, 45-second clip with a clear, up-close-and-personal view of the Demogorgon. Check it out below.