It seems that every week this month, there's some sort of mishap on a Delta Flight, whether it's their fault or not. They've been accused of racism by the Migos, Jacquees recently had some issues on one of their flights and Danny Brown even threatened to drop a diss track against them. However, Jason Mitchell, who is best known for playing Eazy-E in "Straight Outta Compton" had a bit of an issue with not only Delta Airlines but some of their customers on a flight over the weekend.

In clips obtained by TMZ, the actor is seen snapping at a passenger and threatening to "smack the f*ck outta" him. Mitchell is seen speaking loudly on the phone in his seat complaining to someone about the service he received on the flight. When a first class customer decided to interject, Mitchell loudly asks "Am I talking to you? F*cking racist." It didn't end there, as Mitchell got even more heated, he told the individual he was talking to that he'd fight him. In the clip, he's heard saying "I'll bat the fuck outta you, unless you sitting next to children or anything else."

While he later seems to be ready to cool down, he puts his headphones on and says he will be on his best behavior. However, it seemed to be too late for Delta as they asked him to get off the flight which led him to unleash another verbal tirade on the flight attendants, staff and the passengers. TMZ later reported that he was later grabbed by police and escorted off the flight, however Delta decided to not press charges.

Upon being ejected from the flight, he stood up and eventually apologized to the flight as a whole before snapping again on the flight attendant for his ejection. 

According to TMZ, the scenario stemmed from Mitchell missing his flight, where he had first class tickets, which led him to be on stand-by for this flight. His new ticket was for "comfort+" seats, which he wasn't too pleased about clearly. 

Check the clips out below via TMZ: