It's safe to say Lil Wayne's Dedication 5 stole the show this Labor Day weekend. Typically, the mixtape is packed with a slew of outrageous Weezy rhymes going in over other artists production. However, one song on the 29-track project stood out, and that was the "You Song" featuring Chicago's rising emcee Chance The Rapper. And unlike rest of the mixtape, that track had an original beat produced by Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale, and Cam.

In a new interview with Complex Magazine, Nate Fox, one of those producers of the "You Song", spoke about how the song came together and how it found its way on Dedication 5. Fox explained that the "You Song" might have been the reason why D5 was delayed last week, saying that they made the record from scratch just last Wednesday night. Speaking further about the record, Nate Fox answered the following questions:

Congratulations, this a huge look. What is the story behind this record?
First of all, it was super, super random. I decided to come out to Chicago just to kick it for a little bit. I really didn't have a reason to be here. And Chance texted me saying "Come to the studio at 11." I get there at 11, and it's me and Peter, Cam, Chance, and Pat, and everybody's there. And he pulls us to the side and he's like "So....we have to make a song for Dedication 5...tonight." We were like, "Ok for sure, whatever you say." And Chance was like, "No, for real, they called me, they said I can send them whatever I want. Not like Wayne has a song for me, Wayne needs a song from me."

Instead of giving him a beat that we already got, or already started on—we wanted to just make something absolutely brand new. It pretty much just started out like Peter [Cottontale] coming up with chords, and everyone just starts putting all their little pieces in. I found that Michael sample and started chopping that up.

What's the sample?
It's an a capella of MJ's "The Way You Make Me Feel." 

When was this? 
It was Wednesday night. A couple days ago. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's the reason that Dedication 5 got pushed back—because they were waiting on us to send a song. It was almost like it was supposed to happen. All the pieces have been kind of falling into place when it comes to anything, me and Chance related. I don't know why, but the universe is just like, "Yes, this is happening."

Lastly, what did you think of Wayne's verse? 
I thought it was flames. But we were definitely thinking that's what would happen. People have this preconceived notion of what Wayne raps on these days. So we were all like, "Let's make something that will challenge Wayne again and force him to pull that Tha Carter II shit out of him," and I think we got that.

In case you missed it, the untagged version of the track has been released earlier today. Take a listen below.