Stormy Daniels, the most-searched for person of PornHub of 2018, wrote on Instagram yesterday that she is "beyond excited and honored" to announce that she will be included in the next issue of Playboy magazine. The issue, which will be called "Freedom of Expression," comes out this week and will include Daniels along with a cover that riffs on the censorship of the female nipple (which Playboy experimented with briefly). The magazine has written thoughtful articles on Daniels and her legal battle against the president of the United States in the past, like this one, titled "The Campaign to Discredit Stormy Daniels Is a Campaign Against Sex Workers."

The announcement comes in the wake of a year of legal battles against the president who she claims made her sign a non-disclosure agreement for the affair that she alleges and does not seem that far fetched. When Trump denied this on Twitter and in the media, Daniels, under the opinion he went to far (calling her a liar), sued him for defamation but eventually lost the case. The legal action she brought against Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen is not yet settled but Daniels' lawyer believes that they began a domino effect which led to more investigations and, eventually, Cohen's incarceration: