Last time we checked in on South Florida struggle rapper Stitches, he was getting arrested in a Whole Foods parking lot. Since then, he appears to have developed an obsession with Taylor Swift, and he is willing to go after Swift's old nemesis Kanye West if it means a shot at winning her heart.

"Listen up, Taylor," he said in a new Instagram video. "I'm with you, baby! Next time I see Kanye West, I'm gonna knock him the fuck out for you. Yeah. I promise that. And, uh, after that, I'm gonna lick ya ass. You could come marry an ex-drug dealer and we could have a drug dealing baby."

He concluded this irresistible pitch by ripping up a $100 bill with his teeth. But he wasn't finished yet...

"Yeah..." he continued. "I love all of Taylor Swift's fans. I love Taylor Swift, too. Whooo, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Thank god they made ya. It's time to have baby, Taylor! Hehe..."