Earlier this month, the beef between The Game and Stitches got real when Game went to Stitches' hometown of Miami to celebrate his birthday. Stitches located Game and his crew outside of a club, and when he went to approach his rival, he was swiftly knocked out by Game's manager, Wack 100. Since that deadly blow, Stitches had been doing all he can do get another shot at the Compton rapper, but as of today, it seems, he's ready to put the beef behind him. 

"At the end of the day, dog, both of us are acting like children right now to be honest," the Miami rapper told XXL in a new interview. "This situation is already done," he went on to explain, confirming that he won't be firing off any more diss tracks in the near future. 

His last proposal, however -- a one-on-one celebrity boxing match for charity -- still stands. Though if Game doesn't want to get in the ring, Stitches implied that he won't add any more fuel to the fire: "You don't want to get in the ring? Then that's what it is; I did what I could." 

Game initially agreed to Stitches' offer, but under a couple of conditions -- first, that Stitches fight one of his homies and remain conscious. As he's currently on probation, he also requested that Stitches sign a waiver preventing him from filing any sort of legal action following the fight. Talking to XXL, Stitches denies that he would have ever thought to sue Game in the first place. 

Soon after he "agreed," though, Game deleted the Instagram post that contained both his acceptance of the challenge as well as his own stipulations. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Stitches discussed the origins of the conflict -- a subliminal tweet -- and he maintains that his friends who jumped him the day after he was released from jail (for fighting Wack 100) were likely paid off by The Game.

Is this the last we'll ever hear from Stitches?