We're still waiting for the street fight between The Game & #FuckAJobGang founder and president Stitches. Their beef was the pinnacle of internet theater... and although Stitches chickened out of his would-be brawl with Game, looks like he's still doleing out punches when he can help it.

During a recent show, a fan in the front row touched Stitches in the lower chest. Stitches responded by punching the fan directly in the face. A security guard than got involved -- the fan fended him off, and the video ends before the incident is fully resolved.

The punch recalls the time Kevin Gates kicked a girl in the chest for tugging on his shorts. Interestingly enough, Stitches and Gates collaborated on a song last year called "Mexico"... currently sitting at a 20% user rating.

Watch Stitches deliver the blow below.